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All you have to remember that male(contact) mates with Female( cont.);But this is not all.You have to see that apart from contacts, their housing (bodies) also mate.For this condition the part which is called as plug( which normally should come with coupling having internal threads(Fem.Threads.)will mate with a Receptacle(called as Socket also) having male threads. Once these two conditions are met then mating will occur.For clarification Ref. Fig From experience it is found that a novice user is succeptible to this problem.
Military grade connector is one which has been developed by mainly US Millitary through connector manufacturers in US for use in Defence Market.These connectors are extensively used in Indian Market in Non Defence Market also.We are associated with this market since 43 years and you can approach us for any perticular application. we are too happy to share our experience. Please bear in mind that you require to use these Defence(LCSO) approved connectors for Defence Military Equipments/Installations & you have to shell out extra price for it.But if your budget is limited & your Equipment is not meant for Military (Defence) then we are there to help you out.Our connectors are manufactured on the guidelines prescribed by Military specs. & will meet the requirements specified in MIL Specs.and at very Reasonable prices.
OK. I will try to simplify the coding of fequently used Threaded Coupling connectors so called MS Connectors popular with this name. These are MIL-DTL-5015 ( Indian JSS 50812) connectors.When we refer to these Guidelines ( You can ref.pg.XX of our MS Conn. Cat. ). It's code group are MS 3106 F 14S - 2 S WG PLUGS - STRAIGHT & RT. ANGLE While choosing a plug which you want to wire/cable , Check you have ample space for holding the plug in your fist & lock it with the panel mounted Receptacle.then you can use straight Plug i.e.
3.1) MS 3106 - Ref. Fig-XX -pg XX. Here I am tempted to give it's style i.e. EorF. Normally F is preferred 'cause it comes with Cable
        Clamp.Now what if I don't have enough space to hold & tighten the plug.?
3.2) MS 3108 - Ref. Fig-XX -pg XX. Here also you can go for 'F'.RECEPTACLES - WALL MOUNT,CABLE MOUNT( HANGING),PANEL(BOX).
3.3) MS 3100 - Wall Mount . Ref.Fig XX pg. XX. These are used with a cable.( Ref. Table XX pg. XX. )
3.4) MS 3101 - Cable Mount( Hanging)Ref.Fig XX pg. XX. These are used with a cable.( Ref. Table XX pg. XX. )
3.5) MS 3102 - Panel(Box) Mount Ref.Fig XX pg. XX. These can be Front or Rear mounted.Ref.Fig-3b. These are normally wired with
        individual wires( select sizes as per Table XX )
These letters indicate Class of applications. 'E' & 'F' normally used with Plugs.'E' means Environment Resistant without Cable Clamp. 'F' means Environment Resistant with Cable Clamp. In addition to these you my come 'J' means it uses a Cable Gland without Cable Clamp. Letter 'R' is normally used with Receptacles . It is Environment Resistant & replaces 'E'.
These indicate the size in incremental ord&er opposite to wire & contact sizes.Shell size based on MIL spec. was in Inches & it's relation was size 16 comes with 1 Inch. Threading {External( Male) of Receptacle interpreteas & Internal(Female) of Plug Coupling}.. Other shell sizes are in proportion to this sizze. For ex. A shell size 32 will have 32/16= 2 Inch threading. A shell size 14S will have 14/16 = 7/8 Inch Thrading. However For simplicity, we have interpolated all other dimensions in mm, except Thread Sizes.
It shows the number of contacts,it's size & Volatge Rating based on cont. spacing. This no. need not be same as number of contacts. For ex: 10SL-3 means 3 pin( cont.) ,but 10SL-4 means 2pin( Cont.)
This indicates the gender of contact. 'P' means it's a Male(Pin) Contact; 'S' means -Female( socket) contact.
This gives you optional Insert Rotation to avoid mating of two or more similar Receptacles mounted on same panel. Ref. Fig XX & Table XX for details.'W','X','Y','Z' are alternate Insert positions thus giving you freedom of mounting 4 nos of 10P Receptacles on the same panel so that mating 10P plug of 'W' orientation will not mate with other 3 rcpts X,Y,Z. Approval
Si - For higher temp. Silicone Ruber is used. This is not all. Now you have to think about accessories like Gaskets,Telebush, clamps,Dust Caps etc;
For Industrial applications this is not required.Only if, these are used in Military,Aerospace or similar applications this will be required.OK. Here we stop at Threaded Coupling connectors. Now this threaded Coupling connectors Insert Range is also available in Bayonet Coupling instead of Threaded Coupling which is required for Quick coupling (180 degrees)rotation. Ref pages XX. In this we are having some selected items for which you have to refer to Factory. Having acqired indeapth knowledge about MS Connectors, Now we should go to some important points to be remembered before putting them in the Electronic systems.As we have seen earlier that these connectors are Robust & can be used in Defence as well as Non defence applications. But still we consider it's utility in following consideratios;

10.1) Current Rating. Size 16 - 13Amp ; size 12- 23Amp ; size-8 - 43Amp ; Size 4 - 83Amp While putting these connectors in circuit, factor
          of safety is to be taken into account depending on application.If ambient temp. is high 40-50 degrees , the Insert temp. tends to
          rise due to many contacts carrying current, increasing further it's Hot Spot temp.in the core of Insert which might affect the
          performance of connector .
10.2) Voltage Rating: INST- 300V AC , A - 500 VAC C - 900V AC D-1250V AC For voltage rating also similar factor of safety to be considered.
10.3) Insulation: For Temperatures upto100-125 deg. Cent. Polychloroprene Ruber is used & for higher temperatures Silicone Ruber
          Inserts are used.
10.4) Environment: For saline,gaseous,fungal or other extreme weather conditions Gold plated contacts are recommended.