List Of MS Connectors

These are Cable Mtg.,Male/Fem. Cont.,St. PLUGS(A)
These"A" will mate with any of the Box mtg.(C)/Wall mtg(D)/Cable Mtg.(E)/Thd.Mtg.(F) Rcpts.
/Rcpts Cable mtg.(D)For Ex. Item1 will mate with items 1A/1B/1C
(For Visual demo, press cell containing eqvt.MIL No.)
Item No. Our Description Our P/N Eqvt.MS Part No
01 Plug St. Fem 2P(10SL) PF2(10) MS 3106F 10SL-4S
02 Plug St. Male 2P(10SL) PM2(10) MS 3106F 10SL-4P
03 Plug St. Fem 2P(14S) PF2(14S) MS 3106F 14S-9S
04 Plug St. Male 2P(14S) PM2(14S) MS 3106F 14S-9P
05 Plug St. Fem 2P(16S) PF2(16S) MS 3106F 16S-11S
06 Plug St. Male 2P(16S) PM2(16S) MS 3106F 16S-11P
07 Plug St. Fem 3P(10SL) PF3(10) MS 3106F 10SL-3S
08 Plug St. Male 3P(10SL) PM3(10) MS 3106F 10SL-3P
09 Plug St. Fem 3P (14S) PF3(14) MS 3106F 14S-7S
10 Plug St. Male 3P (14S) PM3(14) MS 3106F 14S-7P
11 Plug St. Fem 3P (16S) PF3(16) MS 3106F 16S-10S
12 Plug St. Male 3P (16S) PM3(16) MS 3106F 16S-10P
13 Plug St. Fem 4P (14S) PF4(14) MS 3106F 14S-2S
14 Plug St. Male 4P (14S) PM4(14) MS 3106F 14S-2P
15 Plug St. Fem 4P (18) PF4(18) MS 3106F 18-10S
16 Plug St. Male 4P (18) PM4(18) MS 3106F 18-10P
17 Plug St. Fem 4P (22) PF4(22) MS 3106F 22-22S
18 Plug St. Male 4P (22) PM4(22) MS 3106F 22-22P
19 Plug St. Fem 5P (14S) PF5(14) MS 3106F 14S-5S
20 Plug St. Male 5P (14S) PM5(14) MS 3106F 14S-5P
21 Plug St. Fem 5P (18) PF5(18) MS 3106F 18-11S
22 Plug St. Male 5P (18) PM5(18) MS 3106F 18-11P
23 Plug St. fem 6P (14S) PF6(14S) MS 3106F 14S-6P
24 Plug St. Male 6P (14S) PM6(14S) MS 3106F 14S-6P
25 Plug St. Fem 6P (18) PF6(18) MS 3106F 18-12S
26 Plug St. Fem 6P (18) PF6(18) MS 3106F 18-12S
27 Plug St. Fem 7P(16S) PF7(16S) MS 3106F 16S-1S
28 Plug St. Male 7P(16S) PM7(16S) MS 3106F 16S-1P
29 Plug St. Fem 8P (18) PF8(18) MS 3106F 18-8S
30 Plug St. Male 8P (18) PM8(18) MS 3106F 18-8P
31 Plug St. Fem 8P (20) PF8(20) MS 3106F 20-7S
32 Plug St. Male 8P (20) PM8(20) MS 3106F 20-7P
33 Plug St. Fem 9P (20) PF9(20) MS 3106F 20-18S
34 Plug St. Male 9P (20) PM9(20) MS 3106F 20-18P
35 Plug St. Fem 9P (24) PF9(24) MS 3106F 24-11S
36 Plug St. Male 9P (24) PM9(24) MS 3106F 24-11P
37 Plug St. Fem 10P (18) PF10(18) MS 3106F 18-1S
38 Plug St. Male 10P (18) PM10(18) MS 3106F 18-1P
39 Plug St. Fem 12P (18) PF12(18) MS 3106F 18-2S
40 Plug St. Male 12P (18) PM12(18) MS 3106F 18-2P
41 Plug St. Fem 14P (20) PF14(20) MS 3106F 20-27S
42 Plug St. Male 14P (20) PM14(20) MS 3106F 20-27P
43 Plug St. Fem 14P (22) PF14(22) MS 3106F 22-19S
44 Plug St. Male 14P (22) PM14(22) MS 3106F 22-19P
45 Plug St. Fem 17P (20) PF17(20) MS 3106F 20-29S
46 Plug St. Male 17P (20) PM17(20) MS 3106F 20-29P
47 Plug St. Fem 19P (22) PF19(22) MS 3106F 22-19S
48 Plug St. Male 19P (22) PM19(22) MS 3106F 22-19P
49 Plug St. Fem 22P (28) PF22(28) MS 3106F 28-11S
50 Plug St. Male 22P (28) PM22(28) MS 3106F 28-11P
51 Plug St. Fem 23P (32) PF23(32) MS 3106F 32-6S
52 Plug St. Male 23P (32) PM23(32) MS 3106F 32-6P
53 Plug St. Fem 24P (24) PF24(24) MS 3106F 24-28S
54 Plug St. Male 24P (24) PM24(24) MS 3106F 24-28P
55 Plug St. Fem 26P (28) PF26(28) MS 3106F 28-12S
56 Plug St. Male 26P (28) PM26(28) MS 3106F 28-12P
57 Plug St. Fem 37P (28) PF37(28) MS 3106F 28-21S
58 Plug St. Male 37P (28) PM37(28) MS 3106F 28-21P
59 Plug St. Fem 48P (36) PF48(36) MS 3106F 36-10S
60 Plug St. Male 48P (36) PM48(36) MS 3106F 36-10P
61 Plug St. Fem 52P (36) PF52(36) MS 3106F 36-52S
62 Plug St. Male 52P (36) PM52(36) MS 3106F 36-52P
These are Cable Mtg.,Male/Fem. Cont.,Rt.Ang. PLUGs(B)
These"B" will mate with any of the Panel mtg.(C)/Wall mtg(D)/Cable Mtg.(E)/Thd.Mtg.(F) Rcpts.
/Rcpts For Ex. Item1 will mate with items 1A/1B/1C
(For Visual demo, press cell containing eqvt.MIL No.)
Item No. Our Description Our P/N Eqvt.MS Part No
1A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 2P(10SL) PF2RA(10) MS 3108F 10SL-4S
2A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 2P(10SL) PM2RA(10) MS 3108F 10SL-4P
3A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 2P(14S) PF2RA(14S) MS 3108F 14S-9S
4A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 2P(14S) PM2RA(14S) MS 3108F 14S-9P
5A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 2P(16S) PF2RA(16S) MS 3108F 16S-11S
6A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 2P(16S) PM2RA(16S) MS 3108F 16S-11P
7A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 3P (10SL) PF3RA(10) MS 3108F 10SL-3S
8A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 3P (10SL) PM3RA(10) MS 3108F 10SL-3S
9A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 3P (14S) PF3RA(14) MS 3108F 14S-7S
10A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 3P (14S) PM3RA(14) MS 3108F 14S-7S
11A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 3P (16S) PF3RA(16) MS 3108F 16S-10S
12A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 3P (16S) PM3RA(16) MS 3108F 16S-10S
13A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 4P (14S) PF4RA(14) MS 3108F 14S-2S
14A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 4P (14S) PM4RA(14) MS 3108F 14S-2S
15A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 4P (18) PF4RA(18) MS 3108F 18-10S
16A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 4P (18) PM4RA(18) MS 3108F 18-10S
17A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 4P (22) PF4RA(22) MS 3108F 22-22S
18A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 4P (22) PM4RA(22) MS 3108F 22-22S
19A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 5P (14S) PF5RA(14) MS 3108F 14S-5S
20A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 5P (14S) PM5RA(14) MS 3108F 14S-5S
21A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 5P (18) PF5RA(18) MS 3108F 18-11S
22A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 5P (18) PM5RA(18) MS 3108F 18-11S
23A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 6P (14S) PF6RA(14S) MS 3108F 14S-6S
24A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 6P (14S) PM6RA(14S) MS 3108F 14S-6S
25A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 6P (18) PF6RA(18) MS 3108F 18-12S
26A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 6P (18) PM6RA(18) MS 3108F 18-12P
27A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 7P (16S) PF7RA(14) MS 3108F 16S-1S
28A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 7P (16S) PM7RA(14) MS 3108F 16S-1S
29A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 8P (18) PF8RA(18) MS 3108F 18-8S
30A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 8P (18) PM8RA(18) MS 3108F 18-8S
31A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 8P (20) PF8RA(20) MS 3108F 20-7S
32A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 8P (20) PM8RA(20) MS 3108F 20-7S
33A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 9P (20) PF9RA(20) MS 3108F 20-18S
34A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 9P (20) PM9RA(20) MS 3108F 20-18S
35A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 9P (24) PF9RA(24) MS 3108F 24-11S
36A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 9P (24) PM9RA(24) MS 3108F 24-11S
37A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 10P (18) PF10RA(18) MS 3108F 18-1S
38A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 10P (18) PM10RA(18) MS 3108F 18-1S
39A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 12P (18) PF12RA(18) MS 3108F 18-2S
40A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 12P (18) PM12RA(18) MS 3108F 18-2S
41A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 14P (20) PF14RA(20) MS 3108F 20-27S
42A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 14P (20) PM14RA(20) MS 3108F 20-27S
43A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 14P (22) PF14RA(22) MS 3108F 22-19S
44A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 14P (22) PM14RA(22) MS 3108F 22-19S
45A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 17P (20) PF17RA(20) MS 3108F 20-29S
46A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 17P (20) PM17RA(20) MS 3108F 20-29S
47A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 19P (22) PF19RA(22) MS 3108F 22-19S
48A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 19P (22) PM19RA(22) MS 3108F 22-19S
49A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 22P (28) PF22(28) MS 3108F 28-11S
50A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 22P (28) PM22(28) MS 3108F 28-11S
51A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 23P (32) PF23(32) MS 3108F 32-6S
52A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 23P (32) PM23(32) MS 3108F 32-6S
53A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 24P (24) PF24RA(24) MS 3108F 24-28S
54A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 24P (24) PM24RA(24) MS 3108F 24-28S
55A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 26P (28) PF26RA(28) MS 3108F 28-12S
56A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 26P (28) PM26RA(28) MS 3108F 28-12S
57A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 37P (28) PF37RA(28) MS 3108F 28-21S
58A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 37P (28) PM37RA(28) MS 3108F 28-21S
59A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 48P (36) PF48RA(36) MS 3108F 36-10S
60A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 48P (36) PM48RA(36) MS 3108F 36-10S
61A Plug, Rt.Ang., Fem, 52P (36) PF52RA(36) MS 3108F 36-52S
62A Plug ,Rt.Ang., Male, 52P (36) PM52RA(36) MS 3108F 36-52S
These are Panel mtg.(C) Male/ Fem.Cont. RCPTs
These will mate with any of the Cable mtg. Straight(A)/Rt.angle(B) PLUGs
/Rt.angle PLUGsFor Ex.Item1A will mate with items 1/3, & 2A with2/4
(For Visual demo, press cell containing eqvt.MIL No.)
Item No. Our Description Our P/N Eqvt.MS Part No
1B Rcpt.Male 2P,(10SL),Box Mtg. RM2(10) MS 3102R 10SL-4P
2B Rcpt., Fem., 2P(10SL),Box Mtg. RF2(10) MS 3102R 10SL-4S
3B Rcpt.,Male, 2P(14S),Box Mtg. RF2(14S) MS 3102R 14S-9P
4B Rcpt., Fem., 2P(14S),Box Mtg. RM2(14S) MS 3102R 14S-9S
5B Rcpt.,Male, 2P(16S),Box Mtg. RM2(16S) MS 3102R 16S-11P
6B Rcpt., Fem., 2P(16S),Box Mtg. RF2(16S) MS 3102R 16S-11S
7B Rcpt.Male 3P(10SL)Box Mtg. RF3(10SL) MS 3102R 10SL-3P
8B Rcpt. Fem. 3P(10SL)Box Mtg. RM3(10SL) MS 3102R 10SL-3S
9B Rcpt Male 3P (14S)Box Mtg. RM3(14) MS 3102R 14S-7P
10B Rcpt Fem 3P (14S)Box Mtg. RF3(14) MS 3102R 14S-7S
11B Rcpt Male 3P (16S) Box Mtg. RM3(16) MS 3102R 16S-11S
12B Rcpt Fem 3P (16S)Box Mtg. RF3(16) MS 3102R 16S-11P
13B Rcpt Male 4P (14S)Box Mtg. RM4(14) MS 3102R 14S-2P
14B Rcpt Fem 4P (14S)Box Mtg. RF4(14) MS 3102R 14S-2S
15B Rcpt Male 4P (18)Box Mtg. RM4(18) MS 3102R 18-10P
16B Rcpt Fem 4P (18)Box Mtg. RF4(18) MS 3102R 18-10S
17B Rcpt Male 4P (22)Box Mtg. RM4(22) MS 3102R 22-22P
18B Rcpt Fem 4P (22)Box Mtg. RF4(22) MS 3102R 22-22S
19B Rcpt Male 5P (14S)Box Mtg. RM5(14S) MS 3102R 14S-5P
20B Rcpt Fem 5P (14S)Box Mtg. RF5(14S) MS 3102R 14S-5S
21B Rcpt Male 5P (18)Box Mtg. RM5(18) MS 3102R 18-11P
22B Rcpt Fem 5P (18)Box Mtg. RF5(18) MS 3102R 18-11S
23B Rcpt Male 6P (14S)Box Mtg. RM6(14S) MS 3102R 14S-6P
24B Rcpt Fem 6P (14S)Box Mtg. RF6(14S) MS 3102R 14S-6S
25B Rcpt Male 6P (18)Box Mtg. RM6(18) MS 3102R 18-12P
26B Rcpt Fem 6P (18) Box Mtg. RF6(18) MS 3102R 18-12S
27B Rcpt Male 7P (16S)Box Mtg. RM7(16S) MS 3102R 16S-1P
28B Rcpt Fem 7P (16S)Box Mtg. RF7(16S) MS 3102R 16S-1S
29B Rcpt Male 8P (18)Box Mtg. RM8(18) MS 3102R 18-8P
30B Rcpt,Fem. 8P (18)Box Mtg. RF8(18) MS 3102R 18-8S
31B Rcpt Male 8P (20)Box Mtg. RM8(20) MS 3102R 20-7P
32B Rcpt Fem. 8P (20) Box Mtg. RF8(20) MS 3102R 20-7S
33B Rcpt Male 9P (20)Box Mtg. RM9(20) MS 3102R 20-7P
34B Rcpt Fem. 9P (20) Box Mtg. RF9(20) MS 3102R 20-7S
35B Rcpt.Male 9P(24)Box Mtg. RM9(24) MS 3102R 24-11P
36B Rcpt. Fem. 9P(24)Box Mtg. RF9(24) MS 3102R 24-11S
37B Rcpt.Male 10P(18)Box Mtg. RF10(18) MS 3102R 18-1P
38B Rcpt. Fem. 10P(18)Box Mtg. RM10(18) MS 3102R 18-1S
39B Rcpt.Male 12P(18)Box Mtg. RF12(18) MS 3102R 18-2P
40B Rcpt. Fem. 12P(18)Box Mtg. RM12(18) MS 3102R 18-2S
41B Rcpt.Male 14P(20)Box Mtg. RF14(20) MS 3102R 20-27P
42B Rcpt. Fem. 14P(20)Box Mtg. RM14(20) MS 3102R 20-27S
43B Rcpt.Male 14P(22)Box Mtg. RF14(22) MS 3102R 22-19P
44B Rcpt. Fem. 14P(22)Box Mtg. RM14(22) MS 3102R 22-19S
45B Rcpt.Male 17P(20)Box Mtg. RF17(20) MS 3102R 20-29P
46B Rcpt. Fem. 17P(20)Box Mtg. RM17(20) MS 3102R 20-29S
47B Rcpt.Male 19P(22)Box Mtg. RF19(22) MS 3102R 22-19P
48B Rcpt. Fem. 19P(22)Box Mtg. RM19(22) MS 3102R 22-19S
49B Rcpt.Male 22P(28)Box Mtg. RF22(28) MS 3102R 28-11P
50B Rcpt. Fem. 22P(28)Box Mtg. RM22(28) MS 3102R 28-11S
51B Rcpt.Male 23P(32)Box Mtg. RF23(32) MS 3102R 32-6P
52B Rcpt. Fem. 23P(32)Box Mtg. RM23(32) MS 3102R 32-6S
53B Rcpt.Male 24P(24)Box Mtg. RF24(24) MS 3102R 24-28P
54B Rcpt. Fem. 24P(24)Box Mtg. RM24(24) MS 3102R 24-28S
55B Rcpt.Male 26P(28)Box Mtg. RF26(28) MS 3102R 28-12P
56B Rcpt. Fem. 26P(28)Box Mtg. RM26(28) MS 3102R 28-12S
57B Rcpt.Male 37P(28)Box Mtg. RF37(28) MS 3102R 28-21P
58B Rcpt. Fem. 37P(28)Box Mtg. RM37(28) MS 3102R 28-21S
59B Rcpt.Male 48P(36)Box Mtg. RF48(36) MS 3102R 36-10P
60B Rcpt. Fem. 48P(36)Box Mtg. RM48(36) MS 3102R 36-10S
61B Rcpt.Male 52P(36)Box Mtg. RF52(36) MS 3102R 36-52P
62B Rcpt. Fem. 52P(36)Box Mtg. RM52(36) MS 3102R 36-52S
These are Cable mtg.(D) Male/ Fem.Cont. RCPTs
These will mate with any of the Cable mtg. Straight(A)/Rt.angle(B) PLUGs
For Ex.Item1C will mate with items 1/3, & 2C with2/4
(For Visual demo, press cell containing eqvt.MIL No.)
Item No. Our Description Our P/N Eqvt.MS Part No
1C Rcpt.Male 2P(10SL),Cab. Mtg RM2(10)Cabled MS 3101R 10SL-4P
2C Rcpt.,Fem.,2P(10SL), Cab. Mtg RF2(10)Cabled MS 3101R 10SL-4S
3C Rcpt.,Male, 2P(14S),Cable Mtg RF2(14S) MS 3102R 14S-9P
4C Rcpt., Fem., 2P(14S),Cable Mtg RM2(14S) MS 3102R 14S-9S
5C Rcpt.,Male, 2P(16S),Cable Mtg RM2(16S) MS 3102R 16S-11P
6C Rcpt., Fem., 2P(16S),Cable Mtg RF2(16S) MS 3102R 16S-11S
7C Rcpt.Male 3P(10SL)Cable Mtg RF3(10SL) MS 3102R 10SL-3P
8C Rcpt. Fem. 3P(10SL)Cable Mtg RM3(10SL) MS 3102R 10SL-3S
9C Rcpt Male 3P (14S)Cable Mtg RM3(14) MS 3102R 14S-7P
10C Rcpt Fem 3P (14S)Cable Mtg RF3(14) MS 3102R 14S-7S
11C Rcpt Male 3P (16S) Cable Mtg RM3(16) MS 3102R 16S-11S
12C Rcpt Fem 3P (16S)Cable Mtg RF3(16) MS 3102R 16S-11P
13C Rcpt Male 4P (14S)Cable Mtg RM4(14) MS 3102R 14S-2P
14C Rcpt Fem 4P (14S)Cable Mtg RF4(14) MS 3102R 14S-2S
15C Rcpt Male 4P (18)Cable Mtg RM4(18) MS 3102R 18-10P
16C Rcpt Fem 4P (18)Cable Mtg RF4(18) MS 3102R 18-10S
17C Rcpt Male 4P (22)Cable Mtg RM4(22) MS 3102R 22-22P
18C Rcpt Fem 4P (22)Cable Mtg RF4(22) MS 3102R 22-22S
19C Rcpt Male 5P (14S)Cable Mtg RM5(14S) MS 3102R 14S-5P
20C Rcpt Fem 5P (14S)Cable Mtg RF5(14S) MS 3102R 14S-5S
21C Rcpt Male 5P (18)Cable Mtg RM5(18) MS 3102R 18-11P
22C Rcpt Fem 5P (18)Cable Mtg RF5(18) MS 3102R 18-11S
23C Rcpt Male 6P (14S)Cable Mtg RM6(14S) MS 3102R 14S-6P
24C Rcpt Fem 6P (14S)Cable Mtg RF6(14S) MS 3102R 14S-6S
25C Rcpt Male 6P (18)Cable Mtg RM6(18) MS 3102R 18-12P
26C Rcpt Fem 6P (18) Cable Mtg RF6(18) MS 3102R 18-12S
27C Rcpt Male 7P (16S)Cable Mtg RM7(16S) MS 3102R 16S-1P
28C Rcpt Fem 7P (16S)Cable Mtg RF7(16S) MS 3102R 16S-1S
29C Rcpt Male 8P (18)Cable Mtg RM8(18) MS 3102R 18-8P
30C Rcpt,Fem. 8P (18)Cable Mtg RF8(18) MS 3102R 18-8S
31C Rcpt Male 8P (20)Cable Mtg RM8(20) MS 3102R 20-7P
32C Rcpt Fem. 8P (20) Cable Mtg RF8(20) MS 3102R 20-7S
33C Rcpt Male 9P (20)Cable Mtg RM9(20) MS 3102R 20-7P
34C Rcpt Fem. 9P (20) Cable Mtg RF9(20) MS 3102R 20-7S
35C Rcpt.Male 9P(24)Cable Mtg RM9(24) MS 3102R 24-11P
36C Rcpt. Fem. 9P(24)Cable Mtg RF9(24) MS 3102R 24-11S
37C Rcpt.Male 10P(18)Cable Mtg RF10(18) MS 3102R 18-1P
38C Rcpt. Fem. 10P(18)Cable Mtg RM10(18) MS 3102R 18-1S
39C Rcpt.Male 12P(18)Cable Mtg RF12(18) MS 3102R 18-2P
40C Rcpt. Fem. 12P(18)Cable Mtg RM12(18) MS 3102R 18-2S
41C Rcpt.Male 14P(20)Cable Mtg RF14(20) MS 3102R 20-27P
42C Rcpt. Fem. 14P(20)Cable Mtg RM14(20) MS 3102R 20-27S
43C Rcpt.Male 14P(22)Cable Mtg RF14(22) MS 3102R 22-19P
44C Rcpt. Fem. 14P(22)Cable Mtg RM14(22) MS 3102R 22-19S
45C Rcpt.Male 17P(20)Cable Mtg RF17(20) MS 3102R 20-29P
46C Rcpt. Fem. 17P(20)Cable Mtg RM17(20) MS 3102R 20-29S
47C Rcpt.Male 19P(22)Cable Mtg RF19(22) MS 3102R 22-19P
48C Rcpt. Fem. 19P(22)Cable Mtg RM19(22) MS 3102R 22-19S
49C Rcpt.Male 22P(28)Cable Mtg RF22(28) MS 3102R 28-11P
50C Rcpt. Fem. 22P(28)Cable Mtg RM22(28) MS 3102R 28-11S
51C Rcpt.Male 23P(32)Cable Mtg RF23(32) MS 3102R 32-6P
52C Rcpt. Fem. 23P(32)Cable Mtg RM23(32) MS 3102R 32-6S
53C Rcpt.Male 24P(24)Cable Mtg RF24(24) MS 3102R 24-28P
54C Rcpt. Fem. 24P(24)Cable Mtg RM24(24) MS 3102R 24-28S
55C Rcpt.Male 26P(28)Cable Mtg RF26(28) MS 3102R 28-12P
56C Rcpt. Fem. 26P(28)Cable Mtg RM26(28) MS 3102R 28-12S
57C Rcpt.Male 37P(28)Cable Mtg RF37(28) MS 3102R 28-21P
58C Rcpt. Fem. 37P(28)Cable Mtg RM37(28) MS 3102R 28-21S
59C Rcpt.Male 48P(36)Cable Mtg RF48(36) MS 3102R 36-10P
60C Rcpt. Fem. 48P(36)Cable Mtg RM48(36) MS 3102R 36-10S
61C Rcpt.Male 52P(36)Cable Mtg RF52(36) MS 3102R 36-52P
62C Rcpt. Fem. 52P(36)Cable Mtg RM52(36) MS 3102R 36-52S