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Our Products

PX 100 series - CDOT Approved circular Power connectors:

These are circular threaded coupling unsealed power connectors with robust electrical contacts, which are well proven in Welding & Industrial electronics applications. These are CDOT approved reliable connectors.

PX 200 series—CDOT approved Circular MS connectors:

These are highly reliable, circular threaded coupling connectors designed to JSS 50812 (MIL-C-5015) AND ARE MOST POPULAR IN RUGGED INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS also. like- control panels for Diesel Generating Sets, Welding Equipments etc. It’s high performance is derived from usage of high grade alluminium and contacts from special copper alloy and it’s weather / water proof by using high grade polychloroprene (Neoprene) rubber material. Available in 8 shell sizes and from 2 to 37 pins configurations. • MS Series-Outline Dimensions (Connector Styles and Technical Data)•MS Series - Selection and Ordering Guidelines • MS Series-List of Connectors

KE 100 series - Professional Grade Audio Connectors:

Professional grade threaded coupling Audio connectors. These are rugged professional grade audio connectors normally used in various process control test instruments, where signals are of low level.

KE 200 SERIES - Proximity Switch Connectors and Cable Assemblies:

Connectors and cable assemblies for use with proximity switches. These are used extensively in Machine tools, Process control instruments.

KE 400 Series - Custom Built Cable Assemblies:

Custom built cable assemblies for applications in CNC machine tools, Diesel Generating Sets and other Industrial / Automobile Electronics Equipments.

KE 500 Series - Professional Grade Rectangular Connectors:

Professional Grade Rectangular Connectoes in 8, 16 pins configuration for use in process control, industrial electronics.